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Our Just Transition work

ThinkZero is a member of the Alliance for Just Energy Transformation (AJET).

We use our sustainability ethics framework to inform engagements with and empower communities and vulnerable peoples for the circular, low-carbon, nature positive transition. We are also building capability in Australia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the Caribbean, and working with industrial workers in Australia, nurturing skills for a better world and supporting our clients' workforce transition.

Baseline Assessments

We engage with you and your stakeholders to help reinforce just transition concepts and implications for your organisation. We help you with your transition checklists, skills and baseline assessments, adapted for operational workers, as well as board members and senior leadership.

Strategies & Roadmaps

We believe Just Transition and economic diversification strategies and skill roadmaps should be more than just an afterthought. Through our transition planning work, we help you proactively plan and allocate resources for a fairer future, alongside your environmental sustainability plans.

Social Dialogue & Stakeholder Engagement

We are passionate about engaging with and empowering vulnerable or overlooked groups affected by and influencing the green transition. This means helping to protect the rights and dignities of women and girls, children, regional communities, First Nations peoples, and workers, for example.


ThinkZero joins the international

Alliance for Just Energy Transformation (AJET)

Founded by the WWF, UNDP and KPMG, AJET aims to ensure energy transitions are successfully implemented by putting nature, communities, workers and all peoples at the centre, leaving no one behind.

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