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Team Meeting

Looking for a program that's uniquely 'You'?

We can build you a completely new program, or tailor our existing one for your value chain. 

Do you have a team-based emission reduction project that could benefit from a third party facilitated workshop?

Is your organisation already on a trajectory towards Net Zero, and your teams require support with their Action Plans?

Want to brainstorm more ambitious pathways towards a more holistically sustainable future for your organisation?

Let us design a program tailored to the needs of your team or organisation. For example, our programs can help you:

  • understand the scope of the carbon emissions associated with your project or activity

  • understand how new mandatory financial reporting requirements may affect your business

  • identify and discuss how you might mitigate greenwashing risks 

  • understand the co-benefits and ethical trade-offs associated with your project or activity

  • identify and use the language needed to engage effectively with actors

  • identify transformational 'stretch' goals to take your holistic sustainability commitments to new heights.


...and much more!


The Fine Print: If you would like your new program to be an accredited and certified learning activity under the Carbon Literacy Project, it will need to be minimum 8 hours long to meet accreditation criteria. 

If certification is not a requirement, we can build it however you like it, for any duration you wish. 

Online Learning

Are you ready to ThinkZero and speak carbon?

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